We are very pleased to welcome you again!


The following areas are accessible:


  • Swimming Pool
  • Wellness & Massages
  • Fitness
  • Climbing Wall
  • Fresh & Fitness Corner (Only Takeaway)



For the various sports activities, prior booking is mandatory via our website shop.coque.lu. 



You can reserve your time slot for the period from 22.02.2021 to 07.03.2021 as follows:


·        The registration for the Wellness Center, the Climbing Wall and the Coque Studio opens on thursday (18.2.) at 4.30pm.


·        The registration for the swimming pool (50m-pool & 25m-pool) and for “fitness&swimming” begins on friday (19.2.) at 4.30pm.



We count on your cooperation to ensure your own safety and the safety of all our customers.


Sportive greetings, 




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